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Read-end Collisions in Insurance Scams


Scams are all around. It doesn’t matter if you have the cheapest car insurance. Due to hardships in life brought about by the recession or just because they are used to doing crime in order to make money, many people engage in criminal acts. The problem now is that they victimize anyone within their reach and do anything they can get themselves into. They are constantly evolving and constantly thinking of ways to con people into giving them money and since it is hard to identify a con artist or a scam without taking a closer look into the situation, many are victimized.

Insurances have long been a target of these criminals. Whether it is on health or car insurances, they have mastered the art of manipulating a situation in order to win money. For now, car insurance scams hold a greater spot for attention since the schemes used can have effects which can lead to death. This is so because the criminals stage a collision to make themselves look like the aggrieved party in the situation. However, when this scheme gets out of hand, a supposedly simple collision may lead to multiple deaths.

The scam is pretty simple. The criminal’s car overtakes the victim’s car so that he takes a position in front of the victim. The criminal then suddenly pulls to a stop surprising the victim. It is to be expected that the criminal is apt in doing this act so it is more likely that he has projected the speed and the distance at which both cars will end up colliding. When in the end the victim’s car collides with the criminal’s car in front, the probability of him paying for the criminal’s expense is high. This is because the behind car is usually seen as the party at fault.

The unaware victim therefore ends up paying for the criminal’s car repair expenses. In these types of schemes, the criminal usually has partners in body shops. Their partners in the body shops are the ones responsible for drafting out a high quotation for the criminal’s car repairs. Other times, criminals claim for bodily injuries. Since rear-end accidents are said to cause whiplash, the criminals can easily fake injuries. In this case, they have doctors as partners.

In the whole process though, the criminal’s lawyer could also be an ally in drying out the victim’s auto insurance coverage. This is the reason why care should be taken on the road. Once you make one mistake, you can go against a bunch of people who are money hungry and who wish to take all that they can get from you.

Be very alert on the road and always take notice of your distance from other cars. Do not get annoyed if you are overtaken. Some drivers do get annoyed when overtaken so that they tail the car in front of them to take a chance at overtaking too. If you are tailing a rear-end car insurance scammer, he can find an opportunity in this situation and suddenly stop at his tracks and then you fall at their mercy. Taking extra precautions and care on the road can save you a lot. Ask on this with your auto insurance company.