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Is Auto Collision Insurance a Necessity?


Your probable first impression of auto collision insurance is that it is just another burden on your budget.  With a car insurance coverage already, you may think that it is no longer necessary.  After all, it is not obligatory and you certainly would not spend another dollar for something that is not required.  However, take a couple of minutes to think again.  Otherwise, when a collision does happen, you may just regret not having the protection you would need, realizing that you can incur greater costs instead.

The idea that no one is absolutely safe when driving should convince anybody that auto collision insurance is necessary.  Whether you are in a busy freeway or in an almost empty minor street, smash-ups can happen.  Needless to say, it is always unexpected and so is your bank withdrawal to cover costs.  You would be lucky if you just get a minor fender-bender from it.  If not, then you certainly have to spend more than if you got the insurance coverage for such incidents.  That is why it is important to check your existing insurance if it does provide this type of protection.

You may think it is not practical to pay premiums monthly plus an exorbitant deductible for an eighties box-type car you are insuring.  It is most likely to get an expensive repair, with parts that may be no longer easy to find.  However, if you have a car with a later make and model then you know that it can be repaired immediately and be made ready for use.  That is if you have the funds ready so you can bring your car to a shop at once.  If not, then you will have to bear taking the public transportation first on your way to work or elsewhere as you try to raise the money for your car’s repair.  As soon as you chip out your portion of the expenses in the repair, which is called the deductible, then the insurance firm does its part.

However, if you do have auto collision insurance, you may not have to worry over these possibilities.  It may cost a bit on monthly premiums, but you will find out that it is worth it when crunch time comes.  With higher premiums, you get lower deductibles. This proves that you do not have to come up with a huge amount to have your car repaired immediately.  Your car can be attended at once and the insurance firm will also do its part of the agreement promptly. That is how necessary an auto collision insurance is.