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Helpful Guidelines When Filing an Auto Collision Insurance Claim


Auto accidents are becoming more and more rampant these days due to an increasing number of privately owned vehicles. Careful driving and following traffic rules may lessen possibilities of being involved in one. However, whether you like it or not, accidents do happen so just in case, you should be prepared.

If you have already applied for auto collision insurance then your burden would be reduced in half, but still, the other half should also be filled in. In a car accident, there are always two groups of people involved – the driver/s at fault, and the driver not at fault. If you are in the second group you should know at once what to do, or else the other driver might find a way to turn things around. Here are some of the ways to consider in effectively filing a claim for your auto collision insurance:

  1. Report immediately to the police.
  2. Do not admit that you were liable or at fault.
  3. Acquire personal information (names, addresses, contact information) of the other driver and any witnesses around the accident area.
  4. If you can, identify the type of insurance policy and license number of the other driver/s.
  5. If possible, take pictures from the scene, including your vehicle’s damaged portions, your physical injuries, surroundings, and other things that may serve as proof.
  6. Find medical attention immediately.

Within the next four days, you should take these actions to help your case:

  1. Talk with an auto collision insurance lawyer. He should know what legal actions to take and how to deal with paper works.
  2. Avoid letting the other party’s insurance company know details of the accident. Telling them these details might not work effectively for you.
  3. You may pay for damages of your car. The other party might pay the amount back after the case.
  4. Try to consult with medical specialists. Their findings will probably be valuable evidences.
  5. Write a summary of all the details of the accident and how these things have affected your life or your job. This will make you more familiar with the accident, making your statements more precise and cohesive in the trial.
  6. Keep every single record or receipt you have gathered after the event and hand them to your lawyer.

After all these things, you may ask your auto collision insurance lawyer to file a case so the trial will start immediately. A claim case usually takes a year before the judge’s decision is released, but nevertheless, it would be very beneficial for you, your vehicle, and your pocket.