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Car Insurance and Collision Claims


Opting for car insurance is securing one of your most valued properties. Having a car is an achievement out of a great struggle. Others would spend a long time saving for a car loan down payment while others go on shopping for many insurance policy options. Car financing is also a tough side of purchasing your own car. Once you were able to buy one, you then find for ways to insure it with the best deals in the insurance market.

The driver has a big responsibility every time he mans his car on the road. He should take into consideration other aspects aside from his safety including the pedestrians, the passengers inside the vehicle, the other drivers whom he shares the road with and other people’s property that might not be directly on the road but that might be affected in cases of accidents like collisions.

The policy owner should be aware of the two kinds of claims for damages incurred during accidents or unfavorable situations. Collision claims are set into two categories namely the collision policy and the comprehensive policy. The collision policy takes charge of the cost which is incurred during and accident while the comprehensive policy tackles payments for car damages and injuries which are beyond accidents like wind, fire, flood and hailstorms.

For events involving accidents, there are two premises to be considered for granting the claims of the driver insured. The first situation to be considered is identifying who is at fault. Your car insurance claim should remain intact if the accident was not your fault and your insurer was able to make claims from the insurance company of the other party who is at fault.

On the other hand, you have to be aware that you policy rates would go up to additional 20 percent if the accident is found to be your fault. However, most insurance companies do not have a standard amount because the additional premium would highly depend on the amount of the damages incurred or the total cost for the injuries brought by the accident.

In some cases, the insurer tends to cancel your policy right after the accident. If this happens, you have all the right to question your insurer and make an appeal to the Insurance Department.

Having auto insurance is not difficult as long as you are aware of the coverage of your policy. Moreover, claims for collision are not even hard especially if you are a responsible manager of the road. Bad driving is a big trouble not only for the insurance company but also to the policy-holder.