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Auto Collision Insurance – What It Is, and What It Isn’t


Auto Collision insurance is an indemnity agreement entered into between you, as car owner, and the insurance company as provider, or the one who is liable to pay you a certain amount for the damages sustained. An insurer may opt to pay for the repairs itself, or it may pay the amount directly to you or to any other person entitled to it. In any case, it is meant to cover damages on automobiles by reason of a road accident.

Getting an auto collision insurance coverage is a necessity for as long as you sit behind the wheel, whether you are the owner or not. Why? It is because when you get into a collision, you suffer the damage regardless of whoever is at fault. This will help you defray the costs of having repairs made, especially if the whole accident was caused by you.

This type of insurance coverage is usually more expensive than conventional auto coverage. This is because the expenses involved in an accident involving two vehicles are far greater than an ordinary accident. In this case, there are always at least two parties who want to stake a claim against each other, and not one of them willing to admit that they are at fault.

Most drivers think that if they do not own a car, they will not need auto collision insurance. This is a wrong conclusion that most people make. Getting insurance for a contingency such as this is already a necessity. This adds to the number of irresponsible and reckless drivers on the road. It precisely protects you from unnecessary expenses brought about by accidents. Of course, this does not mean that you go spending every single dollar you have just to get covered. Just because getting an indemnity agreement is a necessity does not mean that it is indispensable. Nothing beats being prudent, cautious, and cool-headed while on the road.

Auto collision insurance is not a license to drive recklessly on the road. Having a policy tucked away in your glove compartment does not give you permission to just ram your car into another one thinking that you will not have to spend anything. Just because you know that someone else is going to pay for whatever damage you may cause does not mean that you get away with it. Insurance companies are not going to pay if you deliberately caused the injury yourself. Staking a claim with them would amount to fraud, which is punishable by law. When you are already insured, there is an additional responsibility on your part to stay focused and responsible on the road.